Founder and designer of Alli K Design. You may have known her from high school as the girl who doodled all over everything and had handwritten notes that looked like a computer font. She’s been practicing her handwriting ever since she can remember, and she’s been putting that practice to good use these days with Alli K Design. Alli K Design is all she’s ever known, transitioning straight out of college into her own design company and turning that handwriting practice into a professional practice and those random doodles into expert illustrations.

A typical day for Alli includes: Going to Chick-Fil-A (typically two, okay maybe three times a day), hanging out and working at her studio, and ordering anything and everything she needs on Amazon. Along with her love of all things Chick-Fil-A and Amazon, she’s also a big fan of the color black. Not only is it the main color of the ink that fills her pages and designs, but it’s also the basis of her wardrobe. 




Saturday Mornings With My Dad

Plants + Cacti 


Going Barefoot

Being Under A Blanket

Giving Gifts

Quality Time

All Things Black


Alli K Design was not a well thought-out or dreamed about plan. Rather, it was a happy accident. A hobby turned business. Towards the end of my senior year of college, I had a quarter life crisis and thought, All I've know has been eating, sleeping, and going to class. What am I going to do with my life once I graduate? As part of my New Year’s resolution to find a hobby, I learned how to do calligraphy and thought I could address my own envelopes for my wedding (oh I was planning that my senior year of college too, not my best idea). Little did I know that a couple of posts to social media would lead me to where I am today.  I thought I would be destined to work behind a cubicle desk forever, a thought that made me cringe. But now, as the founder and designer of my own company, I wouldn’t trade the boss lady life for anything.

Alli K Design consists of designs that are modern, minimal, and full of neutral colors (with pops of color here and there). Everything is made to order and created by hand. Therefore, each design is a one-of-a-kind, personalized design ready to meet each client’s specific wants and needs.

My basic tools of the trade include pen, ink, and a ton of paper. (When it comes to these supplies, I am almost a hoarder. Not quite, but close. Okay, maybe too close when it comes to pens. I just hate to thrown any of them away!) Besides somewhat hoarding pens and paper, I also fill my studio with paints. My favorites to include in designs are watercolors and acrylics.

Along with being my own boss lady and a secret supplies hoarder, I also love to share my knowledge to others. Alli K Design hosts workshops to help others fulfill their dreams of learning more about illustrations, lettering, and owning a business. 

All of this - and more - takes place out of my studio the Curated Co - op. 



The Curated Co-op, or the coop for short, is the home base for Alli K Design shared with my good friend Morgan with A Sea of Love. It is where we dream big and live out our dreams. It’s a place to create with friends and other artists, as well as learn from the inspiration and success of other creatives in the community.

Alli K Design workshops and lessons are hosted here at the Curated Co-op studio. You’ll be inspired by the fresh, white walls to bring life to your own blank canvas while being surrounded by as many cacti as possible (without the Texas heat). 


If you are interested in renting out the Curated Co-op for a workshop, class, or party click below!