Hiii. I'm Alli

City girl at heart, I live in Dallas, Texas with my high school sweet heart and our two cats. My perfect day includes; Eating Chick-Fil-A, watching a cat sleep in a box, warm enough weather to have my Jeep top off, buying a plant, game night with friends, and ending with a late night 7-11 run for a coke Slurpee. 

I was the girl in school that doodled all over everything and practiced my handwriting so that it looked like "computer font." I've been putting that practice into good use these days with Alli K Design. When I graduated college I thought I was destined to have a 9-5 job. Little did I know my persistence and determination to find a job would actually turn my hobby into my dream job. Little paper signs have now turned into murals, flower doodles turned into a published book, and hanging out with friends sometimes involves recording a podcast. Alli K Design has helped me find my purpose; 

To not only create but to inspire others that they can also create beautiful things

Teaching and inspiring others is what keeps me going and thriving. That and sweet tea.