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Frequently Asked Questions about Books

How are the books different?

  • Both books are written to teach you how to draw flowers and cacti in an easy step-by-step process. While the books are both formatted with the same drawing style, each book covers different types of flowers and cacti 

  • Modern Florals is the first book I released. It covers how to draw individual types of flowers, succulents, and cacti

  • Florals by Hand is the second book I released. While it introduces new flowers for you to learn, it also has multiple collage-style designs broken down in the same step-by-step style tutorial. Florals by Hand also covers how to draw real flowers, and how to digitize your hand-drawn artwork 


  • Yes! You can find them at Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or local to Dallas: Flea Style.

Do I need the first book in order to understand the second book?

  • The books don’t have any chronological order and one does not require more skill than the other. Both books are created to be just as fun for beginners as they are for professionals. 

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