April | Dealing with Anxiety

True life: I don’t have it all together. There is always another side to everyone's story that you don't see. A big part of mine is anxiety.

I have dealt with anxiety for awhile and it has increased tremendously since I have started my business. I have learned that most of the time I bring the anxiety upon myself. I am a “yes” person and will quickly do anything I can to make others happy. Turns out, a ton of my enterpureal friends deal with the exact same thing. It’s been refreshing to find out I’m not alone - that almost everything I’m facing and feeling, they’ve gone through it too. Owning and running a business alone can be extremely lonely. I don’t know about you but being alone for sure doesn’t help me control my anxiety. (If you read the Waffle last month this is another reason why it’s good to have your board of directors so your not trapped in your thoughts.) I finally feel like I have learned how to control my anxiety and rarely have those moments where it feels like an elephant sitting on my chest.

You might be asking how! Here are my tips:

Tip One: Invest in a weighted blanket.

Best purchase I have ever bought. This has been the biggest game changer of them all! I now fall asleep quicker and wake up fully rested.

Tip Two: Get fresh air. There is something about warm weather and riding around with the windows down that puts me in an instantly good mood. That and sweet tea :)  

Tip Three: If you get an off-putting text or email, pick up the phone and call. It might be out of your comfort zone but most of the time the tone you read that email/text is not how it really is.

Tip Four: Find your support group. This is no joke. You need them. Someone other than your husband or family. Someone other than an instagram friend.

Tip Five: There are some things you just can’t control. Remind yourself that. USPS...can’t control them. When you can control it, ask the right questions. At the end of the conversation always ask (or maybe even just ask yourself) “what can I do to help you or this problem for the future” Most people don’t just flat out ask this but it makes a difference for you and the person who is being asked the question.  

So don't forget, more people than you probably know are dealing with the same stresses and anxiety as you! That’s the true life of an entrepreneur.

As always, I do a high/low to wrap up my month. What started as a family tradition around the dinner table has constantly helped me throughout my weeks and months as a business owner. What was the high part of your day? What was the low part and what did we learn? 

Highs & Lows:

High: New Website! New Products! 

My new website and new products launched this month!! Yall Im pretty proud to call it mine. Every product in my shop is something I would personally put in my own shopping cart and things I couldn’t live without.

Low: Strep Throat

Your body has this on/off switch and trust me when it's pushed too hard that switch flips real quick. My body told me it needed time off by giving me the gift of strep. Not to worry though, Im feeling way better!

If you haven't already checked out the new website, you can do so HERE. Thank you so much for continuously following along on my journey and supporting me. I love you guys so much. And never forget that I'm a real person on the other side of this letter and I love hearing back from you guys!