February | Welcome

Welcome to The Waffle! I’ve wanted to start a newsletter for some time now, but I didn’t want it to feel like those other spam emails that end up in your junk folder. I wanted it to feel like a couple of friends catching up over a lunch date… which of course the first thing that comes to mind are waffle fries and ketchup. So here we are, the first edition of The Waffle, a monthly ketch-up with Alli K. Don’t think of this as a newsletter, think of this as a conversation. Behind these emails is a real person (me) who wants to hear from you! Please know that you can always email me back.

Recently, I had a big ah-ha moment. Actually, everyone has been telling me for months - “take life in small bites” and “it’s okay to say no” - but only recently it clicked in this hard head of mine. 2017 was a big year for my business. I was going nonstop and I felt like I couldn’t catch up. I had this mentality that I would “do life” when my to-do list was done. So dumb, my todo list is never ending. I had so many days where I would look at the clock and realize that I was only crossing off one thing of my list, leaving me with a pile of work for the following day and no social life.  I chalked this vicious cycle up to just being an entrepreneur.  The ah-ha… my day is constantly and always going to be filled with those random and busy tasks. So I decided to do the unimaginable; take the whole month of December off. Even though I was so excited about all the things I had accomplished in 2017, I could feel my passion for my job fading. I knew I needed to hit my internal reset button before the new year. I decided that along with a new planner, I needed a new mindset. 

“Life in Small Bites” has become my theme of the year and it has already noticeably changed my life. I came up with a new system to even out my work load; I only give myself one or two big tasks to work on per day. (knowing that my day will be filled with the randomness) Not only do I feel accomplished when I have crossed them off, but now I don’t feel guilty for making lunch plans or running an errand. My passion is back and I can focus on whatever I’m doing instead of constantly worry about the next thing. I finally feel like my life/work ratio is in sync. I encourage you to find your own balance - it may look way different than mine, (maybe you only take a week off) but there is a sweet spot that everyone needs to find to function successfully and still feel human. There is life outside of work, don't forget to live it! 

High/low started when my parents always asked how our day was. “Fine” - dad hated this answer so High/low was created. 3 simple questions; What was the high part of your day? What was the low part and what did we learn.? I love it. Do it at the dinner table the next time you are with friends/ family!

High: New cities and new wheels

This month I feel like I’ve been on a constant high. I started y book tour and just got back from Denver, now headed to Cali this weekend. I get so much energy from meeting and hanging out with others, so yea..this tour has been one of the best things I’ve decided to do! I also made my first adult purchase, a new jeep!  All.by.myself. With the money I have made solely from Allikdesign. I’ve definitely had “Who run the world... I can do it all.. Girl power” vibes all month. It’s important to find moments to reward yourself from hard work and big accomplishments. Don’t forget to take in these moments and just be proud!

Low: Stealing
I recently came across a photo of a girl who got my peace sign flower illustration tattooed on her arm. My initial thought was, "Uhm Dang!" She loved it so much to wanted it forever. But that flattery was immediately followed by a huge pit in my stomach. She didn't even think to ask.. it felt like she had stolen from me. Okay, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt- she probably didn't even think about needing to contact me or know that I would feel this way. My solution to making sure this doesn't happen again? Make sure others are aware of the problem. And what's the fastest way to let people know I feel a certain way? Post it on Insta-stories..duh. To my surprise a ton of people agreed with me and even related to my experience.


If you didn't know, or if we haven't talked in a while, I started a podcast with my dad called Breakfast with Sis. I've had breakfast with him every Saturday since I was 13 and this past year we decided to record them! Genuine conversations recorded every Saturday at our local Chick-Fil-A.. just talking about life, business, leadership, and just those random skills for a better life. The best part is when we have guests and learning their stories! Make sure you take a listen!