Signed Copy of "How To Draw Modern Florals 101"

Signed Copy of "How To Draw Modern Florals 101"

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Alli Koch has mastered the art of turning simple doodles into beautifully designed floral illustrations and is giving you her expertise in her book How To Draw Modern Florals. In this step-by-step guide, Alli teaches everything you need to know about modern florals: tools of the trade, where to find inspiration, the anatomy of a flower, and the basic shapes for drawing a flower. You'll feel as though you're sitting down with Alli in her studio as she walks you through the process of drawing and designing all aspects of modern florals. You'll learn designs from classic floral favorites like the rose to most popular florals of today. You'll even learn some non-traditional florals that happen to be some of Alli's favorites: succulents and cacti.

This is an introduction, so no experience is needed. 

These editions of "How to Draw Modern Florals 101" are signed copies by Alli herself.  

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